The Wedding Hair Trial

Our personalised service starts with a trial and consultation which usually takes place a month or so before the wedding day and commonly lasts between 2 to 3 hours.

The wedding hair consultation will involve fully discussing your ideas and James’s suggestions and will take into consideration outfits, make-up and anything else that needs to be contemplated when deciding on the best style to complement the entire look.

Next, a practice run of your bridal hair style will determine the exact look you will have on your wedding day. James takes photos for reference, and at this point your timetable will be set down so that everything runs smoothly on the day.

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Wedding Day Hair Styling

When you book James as your professional wedding hairdresser, all you’ll have to do on your wedding day is sit back, completely relax, and enjoy the pampering experience of having your hair professionally styled by someone who is totally focused on you.

James will stay right up until the last few moments in case any adjustments need to be made down to the finest detail, such as helping with the placement of a veil, flowers or tiara for example.

So, if you want nothing to worry about other than how you will cope with the constant stream of compliments throughout your big day, get in touch with James Blaquiere on 07875 261 432. He is waiting to chat to you and answer any questions about his wedding day packages for you, your bridesmaids, your groom or any other wedding party VIP!

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International Wedding Service

Getting married abroad?

Why take the risk of having your hair styled on the biggest day of your life by a complete stranger who has never seen nor styled your hair before?

James will travel the day before your wedding and style the hair of all of the bridal party in the comfort of your hotel room just as if you were in the UK.